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Carrier Invoicing - Submitting Invoices and Balance Dues

Carriers have the following options to submit invoices to TranzAct:


EDI data electronically is submitted to TranzAct via a 110, 210, 310, 410 or 810 file under X-12 standards. The EDI map format typically depends on the carrier’s mode of transport.

*EDI invoicing requires shipper to approve EDI setup, and EDI requires setup between the carrier and TranzAct.


EDI Image

Created by TranzAct, this is a hybrid EDI approach where carriers submit invoices via EDI document while also submitting back-up documentation to support any client requirements for paperwork.

*EDI Image requires setup between the carrier and TranzAct.


MyTranzAct Carrier Invoice Upload

Carriers can upload invoices and back-up paperwork directly into TranzAct’s system by visiting http://mytranzactcarrier.tranzact.com. The carrier receives an e-mail confirmation that the invoice upload was successfully received by TranzAct’s system. If the invoice is subsequently rejected, an e-mail notification will be sent to the carrier.

*This method requires the carrier to register on the MyTranzAct Carrier Web Portal. Registration is free and the carrier may have an unlimited amount of user log-ins.



Invoices may be mailed into TranzAct’s Corporate office for processing. Please mail packets of invoices to:

[Client Name] C/O TranzAct Technologies, Inc.
360 W. Butterfield Rd.+, Suite 400
Elmhurst, IL 60126

*For paper invoices, shippers usually request a Bill of Lading and Delivery Receipt be submitted with the invoice, though this could vary by shipper.



Carriers may submit invoices and back-up documentation via e-mail. This e-mail process works when the carrier is able to send invoices in PDF files that each include a single invoice and its back-up paperwork.
For more information on using this process, please reach out to our Carrier Inquiry Team  carrierInquiries@tranzact.com.


Online Data Entry

Depending on shipper/carrier preference, some carriers use our Online Data Entry Tool to enter invoice details directly into the TranzAct system.

*This method requires shipper to approve use of Online Data Entry tool and a training session for the carrier.

If you are submitting a "Balance Due" Invoice, be sure to follow these industry guidelines:

  • Show the balance due amount on the invoice. If you send in an invoice showing only the original amount owed, it will be rejected as a duplicate.
  • Indicate BALANCE DUE clearly on the invoice.
  • Be aware that most shippers require the Bill of Lading and corresponding back-up documentation to be submitted at the same time as the invoice submission.
  • Balance dues may be submitted via: