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How Total Transportation Management Solutions has Worked for Shippers and Carriers


Total Transportation Spend Management is built on the bedrock of solid data. Often times, that data is made available through a reliable freight audit and payment function. The insights provided through accurate freight audit and payment allows for a thorough supply chain anaylsis. From there, procurement events that produce LTL savings and truckload rates that can save a shipper millions are possible.

TranzAct has established relationships with carriers that allow for shippers to obtain rates that can be truly realized--and sustained over time. And once rates have been established, our technology allows individuals within the organization to choose the correct carrier every time.

Here are a few examples of how Total Transportation Spend Management has worked for both shippers and carriers.



Edward Don Discovers LTL Efficiencies

Creating efficiencies on the inbound and manufacturing end, Edward Don’s use of the Freedom Logistics program has offered advantages.

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Idahoan Eyes Savings via TMS

Learn how Constellation TMS helped Idahoan build a better supply chain and achieve savings year over year. 

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Hydraforce Reduces Inbound Transportation Costs

Hear how one company made changes to their transportation philosophy and practices to achieve savings. 

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Savings Through Transportation Sourcing—Done Correctly

How TranzAct aided Morton Salt’s Transportation Sourcing Event, saving them money and helping win NASSTRAC’s Shipper of the Year Award.  

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Having sourced LTL myself, I know that realizing and measuring savings is
difficult. A firm that can deliver true value in addition to savings... the
implementations ever experienced, ease of use, significant industry relationships... is
hard to find. That's why I trust my clients with TranzAct

- Doug Watanabe, Consultant


labratory services

Supply Chain Edge Helps a Laboratory Services Company Rapidly Boost the Value of its Supply Chain

A growing provider of pathology and diagnostic laboratory services found its logistics expenses had become unsustainable. SCE helped the company consolidate its transportation providers and reduce the costs of its distribution processes. The company now is saving approximately $170,000 each month on transportation and logistics while delivering excellent customer service.

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SCE Helps a Supplier Boost Customer Responsiveness in a Time-Sensitive Industry

SCE’s client often fell short of what its customers needed, and company executives knew they had to act to change the organization’s current trajectory. With SCE’s help, this client now has the operational prowess to be much more responsive to its customers’ needs—and is better positioned to compete with the bigger players in its market.

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SCE Helps a Leading Cosmetics Company Use Outsourcing and S&OP to Achieve Cost Savings and Competitive Advantage

A leading cosmetics manufacturer sought to overcome supply chain issues including long lead times, unpredictable demand, and shrinking margins. Following an in-depth assessment, Supply Chain Edge identified approximately $20 million in potential annual savings.

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National-Nail-WP3CASE STUDY

How National Nail Achieved Savings through Freight Audit and Payment Optimization

After implementing TranzAct’s Freedom Logistics and Freight Audit and Payment (FAP) programs, National Nail was able to significantly improve transportation processes, reduce clerical efforts, and realize an 8% Freight Bill Savings.

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