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Truckload Brokerage

Our unparalleled carrier relationships ensure your freight is moved on time and on budget.

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Our carrier network of over 2,600 carriers ensures we can create capacity for you at a moment’s notice.


We work with our carriers on a daily basis, and our deep relationships ensure we can execute for you in a pinch! We excel in executing for our clients, even on same day moves. Our focus is coming through for you, even when others cannot.



Get your freight moved reliably–on time and on budget.



  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Visibility of load status online
  • Quick quotes on any LTL shipment
  • Financial stability
  • National and International Women’s Business Enterprise Certified


  • An extensive, nation-wide network matches your freight with the right carrier
  • Experience in all modes
  • Due diligence in carrier selection and use of only the most reliable, qualified carriers
  • We are problem solvers

"Capacity and Service Solutions has taken over our partial and full load deliveries. They are available to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and always find us a great truck carrier with a competitive rate. Great service on all aspects of the partial and full truck services. I strongly recommend doing business with them."

"For great rates and reliability, we use TranzAct's Brokerage. There is comfort in knowing that when I need to find a truck on a moment's notice, they're just a phone call away."

Harry Vosganian


"Having sourced LTL myself, I know that realizing and measuring savings is difficult. A firm that can deliver true value in addition to savings... the smoothest implementations ever experienced, ease of use, significant industry relationships... is hard to find. That's why I trust my clients with TranzAct."

Doug Watanabe


Routine freight charges are paid automatically by TranzAct, “but if there is anything they can’t audit, we can see it on web site and approve it. “It’s very timely information and we can take that and run our own analysis on the back end.”

Jennifer Blattner

Corporate Traffic Manager at Edward Don as quoted in Logistics Management

"Freedom Logistics has invaluable competitive advantages because they work with high level decision makers and when they bring an RFP forward, it represents an actual customer with a real need. They have a commitment from an actual LTL shipper so the carrier always responds to Freedom RFPs."

Freedom Contracted Carrier

Bring greater efficiency and visibility into your supply chain.

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