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Co-Founder Mike Regan explains the TranzAct
approach to Total Transportation Spend Management.

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Our people, tools, and technology will help you reduce your freight costs. From Freight Audit & Payment to LTL Sourcing to TMS, we have the right set of tools and skills for improving your supply chain.


Rarely have we encountered a company who we could not save at least 12% on their freight costs, and most of the time our clients find the biggest savings by combining a number of our offerings:


Freight Audit & Payment - The bedrock of a successful shipping operation. Pay accurately and mine the data. Then expertly interpret and apply the data to make the most intelligent shipping decisions for your supply chain.

Constellation TMS - Transportation Management Software is no longer an optional tool for shippers who want to compete. Constellation TMS is not a bloated, expensive TMS with a bunch of bells and whistles you don't need, nor is it a cheap TMS with such limited functionality that it is worthless. It is just what you need to manage your transportation including automatic tendering, track and trace, dock scheduling, advanced reporting, an optional call center, and much more. It's the perfect way to get everyone--internally, carriers, clients--all on the same page all the time.

LTL Sourcing - LTL Rate Negotiation has been a specialty for years, and we even have a specialized program for midsized LTL shippers called Freedom Logistics. When you are ready to conduct your next LTL Sourcing event, give us a call. We have conducted billions of dollars in LTL Procurement Events on behalf of shippers.

Truckload Rates - Ready to negotiate with your carriers, but not sure about your contracts? Let us give you a hand. We are in the market every day, and can help you get the best rates possible. We can even conduct your Truckload RFP with you to ensure the best possible rates.

Truckload Brokerage - Looking for a truck today? Contact our brokerage. We have an unwavering commitment to getting your freight moved and pride ourselves on the best customer service in the industry.

Parcel Analysis - Our Parcel capabilities go well beyond audit to provide you with tools that can analyze your contracts and compare them across carriers, identify the impact of changes to contracts including general rate increases, and offer you specific analysis applied to your exact shipping activity. It gives you the absolute upper hand in your next parcel negotiation.

Carrier Monitoring - Do you know you are using the safest and most reliable carriers? Are you aware how their practices might impact you through issues of vicarious liability? Our ShipperShield product can vet carriers for you, so you can rest easy knowing you have done your due diligence.

Supply Chain Consulting - All of the experience and tools of TranzAct can be brought to bear for projects all along your supply chain. From Warehouse Management Systems to Inventory Management to S&OP projects, we have worked with companies large and small to make them more competitive. And we can help you as well.

Meet our Leaders

Jean Regan, CEO & President, TranzAct

Jean Regan

CEO & President

Jean Regan directs the operational and financial activities of TranzAct, overseeing strategic initiatives and product development.

Mike Regan, Chief of Relationship Development, TranzAct

Mike Regan

Chief of Relationship Development

CSCMP's 2014 Distinguished Service Award Winner empowers our clients with an unparalleled network in the transportation industry.


Tom Smiley

Director, Capacity Services & Solutions

Tom brings a great understanding across all modes in both domestic and international shipping in leading our brokerage group.

Ken Louise, Senior Manager, Transportation Systems, TranzAct

Ken Louise

Senior Manager, Transportation Systems

Ken leads the team supporting our Constellation system for managing your Transportation, creating efficiencies and savings for clients and carriers.


Dana Regan

VP, Business Development

Dana leverages her thorough understanding of the marketplace and daily interaction with shippers and carriers to create value for our clients.


Erick Blake

Director, Operations

Erick uses his strong background in process improvement to help our clients use business intelligence to become more efficient enterprises.

What our Customers Think

"For great rates and reliability, we use TranzAct's Brokerage. There is comfort in knowing that when I need to find a truck on a moment's notice, they're just a phone call away."

-Harry Vosganian, ULine

"Having sourced LTL myself, I know that realizing and measuring savings is difficult. A firm that can deliver true value in addition to savings... the smoothest implementations ever experienced, ease of use, significant industry relationships... is hard to find.

That's why I trust my clients with TranzAct."

-Doug Watanabe, Consultant

Routine freight charges are paid automatically by TranzAct, “but if there is anything they can’t audit, we can see it on web site and approve it. “It’s very timely information and we can take that and run our own analysis on the back end.”

-Jennifer Blattner, Corporate Traffic Manager at Edward Don as quoted in Logistics Management, 8/13

"Freedom Logistics has invaluable competitive advantages because they work with high level
decision makers and when they bring an RFP forward, it represents an actual customer with a real need. They have a commitment from an actual LTL shipper so the carrier always responds to Freedom RFPs."

-Freedom Contracted Carrier