Advice from the Experts

Below you'll find several resources related to the supply chain industry for shippers that you may find helpful. These are a combination of audio recordings, videos, white papers, infographics and other materials.  

2017 Releases

Mitch MacDonald and Mike Regan discuss what the future holds for transportation on DCV-TV at the 2017 MHI Conference 
April 2017

Highlights from the NIT League Transportation Summit - Watch the presentations of Mike Singletary, Ken Blancard and Mick Ukleja
February 2017

Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez and Mike Regan - How Companies Achieve Sustainable Transportation Savings
February 2017 

2016 Releases

Mike Regan on the MHI Panel (audio)
October 2016

SCTV's Dan Gilmore Interviews Mike Regan about What Shippers Should Expect in 2017
October 2016

Predictible Surprises Infographic
January 2016

TranzAct Transportation Marketplace Update - Currated updates about what's happening in the logistics industry
January 2016

2015 Releases

Audio Recording of CSCMP 2015 Panel - The West Coast Ports: A Behind the Scenes Look at What is Really Happening
September 2015

Speech by Jack Holmes, President of UPS Freight about the acquisition of Coyote and challenges facing carriers currently.
September 2015

Speech by Ray LaHood, former Secretary of Transportation about the best way to fund infrastructure and the transportation issues facing us today.
September 2015 

White Paper: Why Mitigating Supply Chain Risk is a Critical Factor in Business Performance
February 2015

2012 Releases

White Paper: Carriers' View of Carrier-Friendly
October 2012

Recap of UPS Q2 2012 Earnings Call
July 24, 2012

FedEx Releases Fiscal Third Quarter Results
March 22, 2012

White Paper: Achieving Increased Profits through Better LTL Rates and Service
February 17, 2012

HOS Final Ruling
January 4, 2012

2011 Releases

Analysis of the 2012 UPS Rate Increase Announcement
November 21, 2011

HOS Update
November 1, 2011

Analysis of the 2012 FedEx Express Rates
October 26, 2011

Nevada Tragedy Lends a Costly Lesson
June 27, 2011

New Services & Other Changes from FedEx Express
March 10, 2011

White Paper: The Rx for a Healthy Freight Budget
February 22, 2011

UPS Q4 Earnings Call Recap & Suggestions for Shippers
February 3, 2011

Predictions and Practices for the 2011 Transportation Environment
includes seven resources for managing your transportation in 2011
January 12, 2011

White Paper: 11 Steps to Reduce Your LTL Freight Costs
January 12, 2011
(Superceded by the 2014 version)