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Parcel Analytics

Parcel Analytics with our Parcel Toolbox allows you to ship more efficiently and obtain better parcel contracts.


The Parcel Toolbox


An online, do-it-yourself tool for analyzing and managing your parcel spend. 

What's inside the box?

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The Parcel Toolbox will allow you to quickly view your parcel spending broken down by:

  • Service level
  • Weight break
  • Zone
  • Accessorial

It will also notify you instantly of inefficient parcel shipping practices, saving you money right off the top.

This technology also allows you to:

  • Look at the true cost of general rate increases
  • Compare custom discounts and rates
  • Compare your data against different contracts
  • Weight break data display can be customized
  • Compare rates across carriers

The Parcel Toolbox was designed to show you how changes with UPS, FedEx and other parcel carriers will impact your budget. It will enable you to:



Know your parcel shipping and gain the upper hand in negotiations


Our Parcel Toolbox can analyze your shipping data and identify the parts of your parcel shipping you need to pay attention to--the lanes, zones, and shipping speeds that you use most. Armed with this knowledge, you can negotiate the best rates for your shipping patterns, and let the parcel carriers have increases in areas where you ship the least.



Compare rates to know exactly how changes will affect your spend


Compare your current spend with against general rate increases, potential changes to your current contract, and even compare rates across carriers. You will be able to anticipate the impact of rate changes and alter your shipping practices appropriately and staying ahead of your competition.





Identify wasted spending, driving savings to your bottom line


There are plenty of opportunities for savings if you know where to look for them. Our Parcel Toolbox will show where the inefficiencies are in your shipping, so you can make changes to your process.



When the environment changes again, you don't need to pay for another study


This is not a one-time set of results--it is a tool that you can use again and again to look at your Parcel shipping in detail. If a new rate increase is announced or you head into another negotiation, you can run an updated data set on demand.

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