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Navigating Your Supply Chain in Survival Mode

April 19, 2022

In this webinar, you will hear advice from seasoned transportation professionals on how you can adjust to the new environment and constant changes.

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A C-Level Look at the Road Ahead in 2022

December 2021

Hear what the transportation landscape is expected to look like moving forward and how it will impact your supply chain.

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Grab a Seat at the Table

May 2021

Learn how to get the attention of your C-Level team and ensure that the priorities of the logistics department are heard.

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Code Red Ocean, Air and Truck Forecast

December 2020

Listen to this webinar to hear about what's happening in the ocean, air and truckload marketplaces and how shippers can make the best of it all.

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Code Red Solutions for Shippers

November 2020

Hear more about solutions shippers can take to manage their transportation costs. This is the second "Code Red" webinar in a three part series.

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Code Red Freight Forecast

October 2020

Get insights about what to expect ahead from a group of seasoned logistics industry professionals. 

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on-demand webinar with dean croke

What's Happening in the Freight Markets and Where are they Headed?

June 2020

Learn about how the supply chain marketplace is changing in response to COVID-19 and other factors from Dean Croke, the Principal Industry Analyst at DAT.

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Breaking Down the Silos: Warehousing & Transportation

April 2020

When it comes to the warehouse, the processes in place can make or break your transportation strategy. Tune into this webinar to learn tips for working well with your warehouses.

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WEBINAR- Breaking down the silos-Sales and transportation -CTA-400x200-no-CTA

Breaking Down the Silos: Sales & Transportation

The agreements that a sales department makes with customers about how freight will be handled can have a big impact on the efficiencies of a transportation department. For many companies, these agreements are based on status quo rather than optimizing costs. That's why we're hosting a new webinar, in conjunction with CSCMP and NASSTRAC, digging into this topic, and offering advice for how to make positive changes. 

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WEBINAR- Breaking down the silos-Procurement and transportation -CTA-400x200

Breaking Down the Silos: Procurement & Transportation

When procurement departments make decisions on what to buy they typically have a checklist of priorities. Do you know if the items on their list align with the priorities of logistics and transportation? Transparency is needed to know how decisions in one department impact another, but let's face it—many organizations are still operating in silos.

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WEBINAR- Breaking down the silos-CFOs and transportation -CTA-400x200-4

Breaking Down the Silos: CFOs & Transportation

One challenge that many companies still face is getting out of silos and sharing the same goals. This webinar addresses the tensions between the transportation department and CFOs in particular. Listen to the webinar to hear insights on how others have moved their company towards a unified orientation.

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Making Sense Out of the Truckload Marketplace

Many shippers have been asking us for help understanding what is going on in the truckload marketplace. That's why we reached into the TranzAct network and brought some leading experts from the truckload community together in a webinar to give you insights that will help you plan your activity going forward.

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Rebuilding After the Storm

This webinar provides insights about how to build better transportation plans after the perfect storm that hit the industry. This webinar goes beyond theory to provide practical tips for using your supply chain to drive profits to the bottom line. 

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