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Freedom Logistics

LTL Sourcing that gives you sustained savings through the best LTL Rates




Reduce your LTL spend to gain sustained savings


For mid-sized LTL Shippers, our Freedom Logistics program offers immediate and sustained LTL savings by applying TranzAct’s business process and negotiation expertise and aggregating the buying power of hundreds of shippers operating through a common business system. We foster strong, dependable relationships with hundreds of carriers--some of the best carriers in the industry. All have been recognized for superior service and customer satisfaction and invest in the latest technology and equipment for optimal performance.

The Freedom Logistics program has proven successful for existing clients, improving their LTL service while delivering savings as high as 25% and sustaining those savings over 10 years or more.



Increase efficiency, maintain control, gain business intelligence


Freedom Logistics allows you to retain control over carrier selection, communication, and day-to-day operations. Tedious rating and routing research and comparisons are replaced by technology-enabled optimized results delivered quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, through built-in freight payment, your freight bills are audited and paid quickly and accurately. Our reporting, rating, and routing capabilities will provide valuable business intelligence. Additionally, our ongoing savings analysis ensures you achieve transportation savings that are sustained over time.




Strong carrier relationships and a powerful network


LTL Carriers love Freedom Logistics, because it benefits them by bringing them additional business, providing them with thorough information to determine the real cost and profit potential of each shipper’s business, and producing a standard way-of-working with all Freedom shippers. The freight contracts TranzAct holds with these top-tier carriers create aggregated buying power to purchase transportation services at a reduced rate on your behalf. We invest to provide resources to our Freedom carriers to ensure high level of service to our mutual clients.



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