Superior System

What makes our system superior?

Star Pay

Our software has been internally designed, developed and programmed based on the marketplace and customer requirements. This provides your organization with significant flexibility so that we can rapidly respond to meet our customer’s specific needs.

TranzAct’s entirely new freight audit & payment application, StarPay, was developed in 2004 by members of the original design team with all of the features of the original system. This application is designed with today’s technology and features that 25 years of experience in freight payment have identified.

  • SOC1 certified
  • Web Based
  • Designed the client custom specific requirements from the past system as standard features
  • Incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) rule-based technology, eliminating the need to depend on an account representative to remember specific rules for each account location
  • Supports processing on a global basis, can accommodate any and all currencies
  • Continual real-time balancing of workflow (Continuous Processing) which processes one bill at a time, resulting in quicker, more accurate processing
  • All processes and standard reporting are Event Driven

Through StarPay, TranzAct provides analysis and reporting to its customers to assist in identifying and quantifying cost savings and service improvement opportunities. These applications have been identified as Best in Class. The quality and consistency of the actionable data that our systems capture and measure allow our customers to manage their transportation spend and make decisions that directly effect their bottom line.